We are a leading supplier of chemical products in Asia and Vietnam in particular. Our products are widely used in coating, ink, printing, plastic, and textile industries. We are working closely with a number of well-known chemical raw materials suppliers in Europe. We offer a wide range of products covering applications in coating, printing, adhesives, composites, prepregs, electronics, and constructions industry.
​With a strong local sales team, many warehouses, and significant stocks in Asia and Europe, we are able to meet the demands of our customers including short lead times, fast delivery, tailor-made products, and specialist advice on product application.
Our supplies/ Scope of activity
  • Aluminum and Bronze Pigments

  • Additives and Resin for Paints, Lacquers& Inks

  • Inorganic Pigments for Coatings, Plastics& Printing Inks

  • Organic Matting Agents

  •  Anticorrosive Pigments

  • ​Elastomer- Modified Epoxy Prepolymers

Our services
  • Project design and consultation

  • Supply and after-sales service

  • Domestic invoicing

  • Import and logistics

Your benefits/ Our solutions
  • Trusted partnership

  • Qualified local sales and service team

  • Support in Asia and Europe